Our Story

🌟 Bonjour! We're Pik'le'Ball. Our bags and accessories are designed by a dynamic Mother and Son duo, bringing sunshine from the streets of San Diego to your pickleball adventures. Our mission? Infuse your pickleball experience with chic design while being gentle to our beloved home, planet earth. 

🌿 We're on a green mission, creating pickleball gear that's as eco-chic as it is fashionable. Why not leave a positive mark that makes Mother Earth proud while looking effortlessly stylish? Voila! That's Pik'le'Ball. We're committed to using renewable resources, ensuring your game is a win for both you and the Earth.

🤗 Why do we adore pickleball? Whether you're just picking up the paddle or you've got a wicked backhand, pickleball's got a court for you. It's not just a game; it's a dynamic community where beginners find their groove and veterans keep raising the stakes.

This sport's magic isn't just in the rallies; it's in the shared joy of a well-played point, the laughter echoing on the court, and the camaraderie that spans generations. Pickleball isn't just a game; it's a lifestyle. 

It's this unique blend that transforms a simple game into an enduring passion.

🏓 Fueled by our love for pickleball, we've poured our heart into creating the chicest gear in the game. But our journey doesn't stop there – we're in it for the long rally to enhance and broaden our gear collection. With our pickleball bag and paddle in hand, we're all set for the next round of smiles, rallies, and the unique joy that is pickleball – all while looking fabulous and gracefully avoiding the kitchen.

Let's play in style, s'il vous plaît! 🥖✨